Doc-A-Tot Review

✨ As an expecting mom (fourth pregnancy) I was really on the fence about throwing this product on my must-have list.

I had donated Lil, Brianna and Tati’s things a LONG time ago.

And let’s be frank, I was really trying to be really frugal, accepting all the hand me downs I could from family and friends. (Thanks, again & again!)

  • So, I scrolled past this on Buy Buy Baby rather quickly after noticing the price of just the cover. 😳 (that’s my whoa mama face)
  • But then I kept seeing it. Like, EVERYWHERE! Well, low and behold on my Instagram pops up an ad from Doc-A-Tot (Convinced my phone knows what I’m thinking) and I figured ok- I am going to give this thing a shot! Can I please tell you how glad I am I did!

C-Section Recovery has been really rough. (Yeah, we’ll get into that soon)

Those first few days trying to get out of the hospital bed were … how do I put this … straight up torture! She now sleeps beside me in our king size bed. Middle of the night feedings and diaper changes have been a piece of cake.. . Well kind of 🥴😴

Stay awake Suzi, stay awake!

Let me know how you feel about it … comment below!

To purchase a Doc A Tot on Amazon: Click Here


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