✨ Organizing Kids Paperwork ✨

I figured I share my way of organizing the girls medical records. I start to get pretty anxious when I can’t find something I need within minutes. Plus, let’s be honest – nothing seems to go your way when your rushing – and I’m always in a rush! The printer ran out of ink, internet isn’t working, found Lily’s health and growth record but can’t find Brianna’s. Yup, always something to add to your frustration.

So take 5 minutes and add an accordion folder to your Amazon cart. Here-> FOLDERS*is the link the pastel folders pictured above.

**4 pack folder link: Click Here!

I label for Joe … LOVE my DYMO label maker! I literally use it for everything! Really comes in handy, especially with the school aged kids HERE is a link to the latest model.

Side note: The latest model has iron-on fabric tape! Ummm .. I’m excited! I might just upgrade to help the girls identify their personal items. (We have 3 of a lot of things! One likes, they all like)

Any-who … I usually color coordinate everything by the girls favorite colors. It makes it easier to just grab and go.

Folder contents include:

  1. A few copies of their birth certificate.
  2. Their growth chart. (Little book- easy to lose)
  3. Copy of their insurance card. (Front and back)
  4. A copy of their most recent annual Check-up (Always comes in handy especially when it comes to school and extracurricular activities.
  5. A list of their vaccinations.

*The baby has a copy of the discharge papers. (Needed for insurance paperwork)

Hope this helps!


6 thoughts on “✨ Organizing Kids Paperwork ✨

  1. I love this !!! & looks like it makes life less hectic when on the run

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  2. Thank you for this . I could use some organizing of Tinos paper work ❤️

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    1. I just posted the link to the deal for a bundle of 4 …Missed that lol


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