Babies and Congestion – Decode Baby Snot

Although parents don’t like it and especially don’t like to admit it, waking up to a stuffy baby can make parents just as uncomfortable as the baby!

Whether it’s a cold or allergies — if your baby is miserable – let’s be honest here .. you’re miserable!

Baby Congestion

It’s easy for babies to get congested! **C-Section babies tend to get more congested than vaginal Birth babies (mucous is squeezed out) mm hmm 🤔 . Winter babies are also more prone to congestion. Dry heat and cold air will signal the body to produce more mucous than needed. *Parents with a baby under three months old should be cautious of a stuffy/runny nose. If your gut is telling you to give the pediatrician a call, do so! ☺️

Infant Congestion

In infants over 3 months- a stuffy nose is not a major issue. It’s so easy for that little nose to get congested. There isn’t much room in there! The fact of the matter is there are hundreds of cold viruses and your baby doesn’t have immunity to them until they pick it up.

Parents tend to get nervous at the variety of colors that seem to be coming out. Do you call the pediatrician? Take them to the ER? Soo …

Let’s Talk Snot Colors

Clear. Clear is common. This is your baby’s way of clearing little particles from their nose and keeping it out of their lungs. Clear snot can be a reaction of cold or dry air.

White. White snot is caused by dairy consumption. No need to worry. As babies get older and turn into KIDS – this may be a sign of dehydration.

Light yellow. Boogies can turn yellow if they have been sitting in their nose or sinuses. Get the NOSE FRIDA it’s amazing! This doesn’t necessarily mean they have a sinus infection but I would take them to the doctor — I’d rather take them and prevent something than have to take them anyway and be dealing with thicker snot and a screaming babe!

Bright yellow. This color could mean they have already developed a sinus infection. Can also be a sign that a cold is progressing. Schedule an appointment. *May turn green at the end of a sinus infection.

Green. Typically snot turns green as a cold is progressing. Your baby’s snot can turn green as a cold progresses, just like it can turn yellow. Green snot can also occur at the end of a sinus infection. Green can actually also occur in the morning, it’s because it’s been sitting there all night. But if the green progresses throughout the day and for several days, it’s a cold or another sinus infection!

Orange, red or brown. In the winter or dry weather, it is very easy for nasal passages to crack and bleed. Don’t worry about it unless it’s followed by a nose bleed- which occurs for several consecutive days. Then I’d schedule an appointment with the pediatrician.

Snot is meant to prevent unhealthy particles from getting into their little lungs and causing problems.

If it is ever accompanied by a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite.. schedule an appointment!

A fever for an infant is rectal temp of 100.4°F (38°C)

In children – oral temp of 100°F (37.8°C)


When my babies are congested- I use the Saline Drops this helps me break down the big bad boys before I suction with the Nose Frida. (Linked Above)

If I notice the heat coming in a little too dry and it’s the middle of the night I’ll just spray some of the Saline Spray – Mist into their little nose.

Cold air humidifier is a must! I got mine on Amazon for 40 bucks .. It’s done me justice for the last 5 years! Click here: Crane Humidifier NO FILTER! I just clean it out weekly with white vinegar ✨

I think I’ve mentioned in an earlier post my obsession with essential oils. Radha Beauty has a great starter kit for under $20 bucks! During the winter months I like to add:

  • 2 drops Tea Tree Oil
    2 drops Rosemary
  • When they are congested:
    • 2 drops Eucalyptus
      2 drops Peppermint
      2 drops Tea Tree
      2 drops Rosemary

    I use the Nose Frida because it’s easy to clean. ✨ Always always always rinse it after each use. Bacteria grows fast!

    Always use Vaseline or Aquaphor when checking babies rectal temperature.

    I’m the type of mom that thinks it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If your baby is experiencing any symptoms that worry or concern you, always feel free to call your pediatrician that is what they are there for!

    And remember … SNOT happens!

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    I am not a doctor, this is not to be taken as medical advice. Just a mom of Four with quite a bit of experience with booger’s.


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